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D/A Shopping Cart Instructions
      By default, the "Quantity" and "Unit Cost" fields are set to 1 and $0.00. Enter the desired number of units in the "Quantity" field, and if you have a current price list you can update the "Unit Cost" field. After all desired changes are made, select the "Refresh" button to update the entire table.
      If you do not have a current price list, leave the "Unit Cost" field set to $0.00. After processing your order, you will receive an order acknowledgement via fax which will contain current unit costs. The order can be cancelled upon review of the fax acknowledgement.

  The Shopping Cart Button Functions are Listed Below:
  • Catalog: Redirects you back to the online catalog intro page
  • Manual Entry: Adds a line item entry to the cart to be edited manually
  • Refresh: Deletes all unconfirmed line items and recalculates unit totals
  • Process Order: Redirects you to the online order entry form
  • Cancel Order: Deletes all line items from the cart and returns to the online catalog
  Note: All model numbers listed in the shopping cart can be edited manually
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