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Dial-A-Function Product Selector
A new generation of manifolds that reduce downtime caused by human error (improper positioning or sequencing of the valves). Dial-A-Function® automatically positions and sequences the valves to help protect the transmitter from damage and the plant from inaccurate measurement control.

Dial-A-Function MM6UC
MM6UC Shown
Safti-Fold Product Selector
The safest, most dependable and durable line of instrument manifolds and valves. Safti-Fold® valves help protect the plant, process, operator and environment from process blowout, uncontrollable leakage and non-operation.

Safti-Fold® Design Features Demo

Safti-Fold SF3TC
SF3TC Shown
General Purpose Product Selector
A completely new line of superior designed manifold valves. This valve features bottom-loaded spring packing, which controls fugitive emissions and leaks. The bonnetless valve assembly eliminates safety hazards due to broken off or unscrewed bonnets. An ultra-hard ceramic-to-metal seat eliminates ball creasing and seat galling.

General Purpose Design Features Demo
General Purpose GP5FU
GP5FU Shown
Accessories Product Selector
D/A adapter flanges, PRGM purge system, rod out systems and integral orifice systems complement D/A's superior designed instrument manifolds and valves.

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